Jan 05 2017

The Secret Behind the Rapid Growth of CNC Machines

In today’s fast world, it is extremely vital for everyone to be productive and provide customers the outcome they want at the right time. The same is true in the services industry: all companies continue to strive to be more efficient and cut down on costs. If we look into the metal industry, we can see there are processes that are done manually which cause high costs and stress of workers limiting productivity and profit.

How CNC Machines Revolutionized Manufacturing Industries

In every industry, stakeholders want substantial growth in revenues, fewer lost hours due to either downtimes or errors, and greater efficiency. That’s best possible with intelligent automation. Over the years, a lot of software related to the treatment of metals had been developed to aid workers automate individual steps in the process. Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines automated the entire process. Workers now simply have to create a drawing for the final product and upload it on a computer. CNC machines do the rest.

As a result, CNC machines are one of the best tools for automatic bar turning, milling, drilling, grooving, and other metal cutting operations through computerized orders. Companies engaged in these operations can use CNC machines to end traditional time-consuming processes and achieve better productivity when working with metals.

In addition to improving productivity and better quality, the CNC machines offer a wide range of benefits. Let’s look at six the most significant benefits of CNC machines, and the prime reasons for its rapid acceptance and growth.

The Prime Reasons for Rapid Growth of CNC Machines

Reduction of Worker Involvement

With the addition of CNC machines, companies can carry out very complex operations in a few minutes without the intervention of a machine operator or an engineer. This significantly cuts down the cost of incorporating and training machine operators and also serves to put a check on human errors and accidents that occur in traditional processes.

Waste Reduction

CNC machinery helps reduce metal waste because they are calibrated with chip management systems. These systems provide an optimal solution for working with metals in different forms, highlighting the size and shape of the material metal in variable and interchangeable data.

Higher Process Accuracy

CNC software integrates Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) functions that have the ability to perform the exact same process multitudes of time with higher level of efficiency.


The operations in the CNC machinery are executed through programs. Workers are not in direct contact or exposed to the cutting tools. This means that workers are exempt from danger and are safe in their work spaces.

Improved Precision

Since CNC machines function using algorithms, they offer greater precision compared to manually operated machines. Moreover, as CNC machines are controlled by software and integrated computer programs, processes are complete earlier and with fewer errors, hence resulting in an overall improvement in productivity.

Execution of Complex Processes

The CNC machines can perform functions involving a great deal of complexity that require a great effort and are also time consuming if carried out manually. One only requires configuring the machine and assimilating the programs. Operators then only need to monitor the machine and processes. Therefore, this makes sure that the process is carried out without any failures or interruptions.

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