Jul 19 2017

11 Common Misconceptions about CNC Machine Production

Computer Numerically Controlled machines facilitate businesses with enhanced production. A majority of its operations are automatic, and require low human intervention that decreases the probability of errors. Therefore, the company can get more profit and achieve a higher degree of efficiency. However, there are a few misconceptions that should be cleared out through facts.

Myth#1: Anyone Can Operate CNC Machines

It is often considered that CNC machines are too easy to operate and can be used by anyone regardless of their skills and experience. However, proper training is necessary to carry out the tasks efficiently.

Myth#2: CNC Machines Are Automatic

Another common myth is that CNC machines are automatic and can complete the tasks on a button push. However, they need human intervention and supervision to manage its operations. Backend programming is also essential to define the steps.

Myth#3: A Task Can Be Repeated Without Errors

Once a task is completed successfully, it is often considered that it can be repeated without errors. However, the operations are dependent upon various factors including materials, environment and the skills of machine operator.

Myth#4:  All Tasks Take Same Amount of Time

A task can take varying amount of time for completion, unless all other factors are consistent. However, the life of tools, experience of workers and programming code greatly affect the speed.

Myth#5: Programmers Don’t Need Any Experience

Unlike the myth, CNC programmers must have experience in shops or computers. Developers having less computer experience can manipulate code as per their requirement if they have an extensive shop experience.

Myth#6: G-Code Programming Is No More Used

Although CAM systems are widely used to code programs, the efficacy of G-code has not decreased. G-code is responsible for machine operations and can be modified easily by experienced users.

Myth#7: CNC Machines Are Too Easy To Use

CNC machines perform tasks in an efficient manner due to which it is considered as easy to operate. However, detailed knowledge and experience about loading of materials and activity cycles is necessary to avoid issues.

Myth#8: CNC Machines Are Expensive

Transition from traditional machines to CNC is often considered as too expensive. But in reality, it is a cost-effective method to increase production and generate more revenue. You can also purchase used machinery to cut down on costs.

Myth#9: CNC Machines Take Human Jobs

CNC machines aim to reduce efforts required to complete industry operations. They cut down the costs spent on extra man power. The machines require experienced workers who can efficiently manage their working.

Myth#10: CNC Machines Target Large Businesses

CNC machines are considered to be suitable for large businesses. However, small businesses can improve their performance through reliable machinery. They can also get new or refurbished machines at discounted prices.

Myth#11: Regular Inspection is Not Necessary

CNC machines can stay in good condition through regular inspection. Industry experts can check their working and tools to make sure they work for long. Replacing tools as and when needed saves you from the expense of purchasing a new machine.

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