Oct 09 2017

Carve Your Pumpkin CNC-Style This Halloween

“Jack-o’-lanterns”, which literally means “man with a lantern” have been part of Halloween rituals for a long time. They are made of hollow pumpkins that are carved into different frightening depictions of human faces with a lighted candle inside.

Making of Jack-o’-lanterns have made pumpkin carving one of the prominent Halloween traditions. Now, from scary faces to haunted landscapes, artists show their prowess by carving different distinctive shapes and objects into pumpkins.

Evolution of Pumpkin Carving

In the beginning, pumpkin carving was done with just a knife and bare hands. Children have always been attracted to Halloween-related activities, and traditional pumpkin carving involved sharp objects. Therefore, pumpkin painting started to grow in popularity because it allowed children to have their own designed Jack-o’-lanterns.

With time, pumpkin carving kits came into market,s which included different tools to carve out the faces and features.

The latest development in pumpkin carving involves manufacturing equipment that is operated through computer programming. They are known as Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines. They add more precision and fineness to pumpkin carving.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machines are used to carry out a wide variety of manufacturing tasks, which are done through computerized devices. With their advent in the late 1970s, they started to replace conventional manufacturing machines.

With time, they have gone through many innovations. The development of better versions of programming language has added more flexibility and ease of operations in CNC machines. The automation in CNC machines has also been improved through time, which has increased the productivity of manufacturing.

CNC machines are versatile in their operations and can be used for a diverse range of manufacturing activities. CNC machines can be used to make craftwork while they can also be put to use in military-grade manufacturing. They save considerable cost by transforming raw materials into final products in a more efficient and safe way.

Carving Pumpkins through CNC Machines

A majority of people still think of CNC machines as mills and lathes used for cutting hard metals to create high-end devices and products. It may sound odd to some, but with developments in  CNC technology, even your Halloween pumpkin carving can be done through them!

In recent years, plasma cutters have been introduced in CNC machines that can cut with very high precision. Similarly, carbide drills and water jets — that use highly pressured water — are used to cut through soft objects such as hardwoods and aluminum. These CNC routers can also be used to carve different shapes on pumpkins.

Pumpkin carving through CNC is a safe procedure. If you want to go creative with Jack-o’-lanterns this Halloween, then contact a Riverside CNC machine (OMS). You can get any customized design of your choice carved through CNC machines. The shapes carved through CNC machines into pumpkins have neat outlines with distinctive features. Once the carving is done, you can try different options to illuminate the pumpkin. Led lights or a bunch of laser pointers can be used to project a pumpkin’s silhouette onto walls.