May 09 2017

How to Stay Popular in the CNC Machine Vertical

Any business that wishes to be popular in its field needs to understand the needs and wants of its customer base. It’s no different in the world of CNC machines. Maintaining your machine shop’s popularity also depends on a variety of other factors, like location, targeting the right segments, and having qualifies personnel in place. Let’s look at a few ways you can remain sought after in this market.

1)Make sure your capabilities are above par

Most clients are going to prefer utilizing the services of a single vendor company for all of their needs. As such, they are more likely to approach shops that have multiple machining capabilities in-house as well as outhouse. It saves the clients on time as well as paperwork. Therefore, focus on expanding the company’s capabilities, as well as the type of materials you can work with. Similarly, you should also highlight your design capabilities. The more capable you are in using design programs, making changes to models and redlining prints, the better you will be perceived to be as a machinist with a deep understanding of the job.

2)Target the Right Segment of the Marketplace

Are you keenly aware of the types of customers that tend to purchase from your shop at a good volume rate? If you don’t, get right on that, and then double your attention towards these clients. If your machine shop specializes in a particular type of gear shaft, focus on relationships with clients who would be more willing to buy that gear shaft at a rate that is favorable to you. A good way to stay popular in the CNC machine world is by establishing your niche market, and then catering as exclusively to it as possible. In this way, not only does your names become associated with this sub-field, but you also become regarded as an expert in it.

3)Market yourself well

CNC machine shops often short-sell themselves son the marketing front. However, there is no better way of getting your name out there to potential clients. More than anything, you need to build up your online and social media presence.
The first thing you need to do is to develop a website that shows off your physical shop to its greatest advantages. Use your website to position your business as one that can develop solutions to your customers’ problems. Post testimonials on your website, so that potential clients can see what your satisfied customers have had to say about working with your business. Remember that word of mouth remains one of the more compelling ways to promote your business, so make sure to use these testimonials as fully as you can. 

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